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Have you ever said to yourself, “I just want somebody to come and tell me what to eat”? Healthy Little Changes classes do just that.

A Healthy Little Changes class is a private nutrition seminar that comes to you. It’s not a sales pitch; it’s straight-up education and inspiration brought to your door. Consider it a Girl’s Night In with your closest friends and family where I teach you what to eat, how, and why so you can activate your body’s innate healing powers and restore your natural wellness — plus share with you a healthy yet delectable dish or two and even teach you how to make it. It’s everything you need to help you get control of your nutrition and take charge in the kitchen.

Keep on reading for all the available class offerings, then email for more information and to schedule a class.

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How It Works

Sign up to be a hostess of a Healthy Little Changes class, then invite a small group of friends to learn with you. Classes are held in private homes (or, if you want to get crazy and invite your whole address book, we’ll arrange an appropriately-sized venue). For the at-home parties, the ideal number of participants is between 5-8, or about as many as you can comfortably fit in your living room and around your table. For larger venues, the sky is the limit — or, more accurately, as many people as we can safely hold without getting the fire marshall called on us.

What You’ll Get

After taking a Healthy Little Changes class, you’ll wake up the next morning completely pumped and totally ready to start a brand-new life. More specifically, though, all classes begin with a nutrition and lifestyle lesson followed by a lesson on the topic of your choice (see below). All classes are taught by me, Lindsay Maxfield, the founder of For the Cooking at Home parties, up next will be a cooking demo where you’ll see the principles you’ve just learned put into action. The night will end with a tasting party, where you’ll get to sample all the dishes you’ve just seen prepared. Each participant will leave with a handful of new recipes, resources, and other goodies depending on the class.

What You Won’t Get

I’m a plant pusher, not a product pusher. So you won’t be asked to buy anything or convince others to pony up, either; this is not part of an MLM company, I’m not selling shakes or cookware, and you won’t be asked or required to buy anything at all. (If you feel inspired to hand over wads of cash, though, I certainly won’t object.)

What It Costs

Class fees are per-person, and the hostess receives a 25% discount. Class prices vary depending on the topic, because the cost of food is included in your fee, and range from $25 to $50 per person. If you loved your first class so much and want to host a second for more friends and family, each additional class is free to the hostess.

Read on to view the current class offerings!


Change your food, change your life class

About to whip together an awesome salad!

You know you want to eat healthier, but what exactly does “healthy” mean and how do you get there? Nutrition 101 is an intuitive, nutrition-based approach to eating designed to help you get healthy (and lose weight!) and stay that way for life. With this class, you will be able to:

  • Face up to your false beliefs about food (and yourself).
  • Learn the truth about the foods that are doing the most harm.
  • Learn the whole foods, plant-based approach to healthy eating — and how to make it work for you, one little change at a time.
  • Discover the tools and tricks you need to make this way of eating a seamless part of your day and a sustainable way of life.

Email for more info and to sign up for the class.



It’s one thing to get your own health on track, but getting family members on board is another. Whether or not your kids and husband realize it, nutrition is for everyone — and whether or not you realize it (or want to accept it), it’s your job to get your family healthy and keep them that way.  In this class you’ll learn:

  • How good nutrition can solve your family’s problems.
  • The three things your family needs to thrive physically and emotionally.
  • The nutritional truths you need to know so you can nourish yourself and your family.
  • The four-step plan for taking charge of your family’s nutrition and getting everyone on board.

Email for more info and to sign up for the class.

Cooking At Home Parties


Are you on board with the healthy eating message but need help getting in the kitchen and making mealtimes happen?

Sign up to attend or host a Healthy Little Changes Cooking at Home Party! 


  • Meal Planning 101
  • Batch Cooking: The Mix-and-Match Way to do Dinner
  • Beginner’s Guide to Juicing & Green Smoothies
  • Meatless Monday Menu Favorites
  • Salads: Not Just for Rabbits
  • Secret Sauces the Plant-Powered Way
  • Sensational Sweets Without Sugar (It Can Be Done!)

Email for more details and to sign up to host your own Healthy Little Changes Cooking at Home Party!


Speaking Engagements

Looking for an energetic, inspiring speaker to get audiences excited about living their healthiest life? I present to audiences large and small (in person or via broadcast media) on a variety of topics, including easy plant-based living, facing up to the lies we’ve been told about diet and ourselves, and how to get the whole family eating healthy (and being happy about it).

To book me for an event, email


About Lindsay Maxfield


I’m a wife and mother of 3 living in Utah. I’ve been a health and wellness journalist for several years, writing for the local NBC news affiliate website (click here for a look at some of my work). In the past year I’ve taken a grassroots approach — literally and figuratively — and actively studied the science of healthy eating: I’ve read books and articles, watched documentaries, and put what I’ve learned into practice, and I’m currently at work earning a certificate in plant-based cooking and nutrition from Rouxbe Culinary School. By learning and experimenting on my own, I’ve been free to get my information from a huge variety of credible and noteworthy sources, and I’ve discovered firsthand what works and what doesn’t. But most importantly, I’m truly passionate about educating and helping others on their path to wellness. The truth is out there, as they say, and I want to help you find it, too.


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