Recipes: 2 no-bake oatmeal treats and 1 decadent fudge

Lately I’ve had quite a sweet tooth, and I haven’t been shy about indulging it. Which is lucky for you, my friends, because I’ve got three mouth-watering sweet treats that are not only easy to make, you won’t feel guilty about eating them. They’re all made of whole-food, plant-based ingredients and can be ready to eat in a half hour. Enjoy!

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Cinnamon caramel apple energy bites


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According to Pinterest, energy bites are all the rage. In real life, I have no idea if this is true or not. But the array of oatmeal-packed goodness filling my Pinterest feed has inspired me to try more than one. One of my favorite recipes is cinnamon caramel apple energy bites from Just four ingredients — none of them sugar — and you’re on your way to tasty town.

No-bake energy bites – or, “granola bombs”


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I’ve mentioned before that my 4-year-old is an extremely selective eater, but I’ve been bound and determined to transition him from those over-processed, sugar-filled store bought granola bars he’s in love with. So I tried two simple parenting tricks: I came up with a cool name for a treat and had him help me make them. This recipe for no-bake energy bites from uses ingredients my son is familiar with and is packed full of his favorites, peanut butter and chocolate chip. The catchy name I’ve given this recipe: granola bombs. And a new favorite treat was born. Seriously, we love them. We’ve had granola bombs in constant supply this entire month. These taste like chocolate chip cookies and, as my mom recently said, “They’re so good they feel like cheating.” Try them and you’ll see why.

Primal Fudge


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My first foray into making healthy homemade treats was this fudge recipe from The result is a creamy, rich, indulgent chocolate treat that rivals Reese’s peanut butter cups, but with no processed or chemical ingredients. The recipe is a little heavy on the coconut oil, so if you’re eating SOS-free you may want to skip this one. But for a truly decadent once-in-a-while treat, I highly recommend this fudge.


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